How I make 75,000 Naira Everyday (Must Read)

Are you ready to start making at least 75k every single day? If the answer is ‘No’, then don’t waste your time, just close this page. But if your answer is ‘Yes’ then continue reading, as this is strictly for you.

The Story of Emeka Okorie, A Lagos Street Boy that made it Bigtime


Let me introduce myself. My name is Emeka Okorie. I’m 22, I live in Lagos, and I’m just an ordinary guy from a family, which cannot by any means be called wealthy.  My mum is a teacher while my dad a petty trader at Trade Fair complex.

When I was little, all I remember was that my parents made every effort to buy the cheapest food and clothes possible. Once I graduated from secondary school, I didn’t even think about going to university, as I needed to raise money for my parents (already retired) and myself. So I found a job instead, worked at a car wash, with a monthly salary around 50,000 Naira. It was 2015, and this was quite a good starting salary for me in Lagos. I had enough money for living, but I had a dream, which was to buy a brand new Mercedes benz. I knew it was extemely expensive and I’d have to save up for my entire lifetime with my current salary. However, this was fine with me. After all, it was a dream, and you just can’t make your dream come true in a day or two. Well, this is what I thought at the time…

There is this young guy of about my age that usually washes his car in our car wash, he had a brand new Mercedes Benz. As i was washing his car, i kept pondering on how this small boy could have made such a lot of money to be living my dreams at his age. After washing his car, he tipped me 2k extra and there and then i was moved to ask him what he does for a living. He then simply answered “i trade Olymp”, and drove off. That night, i didn’t sleep as i got home, i brought my laptop and started browsing for olymp trade. I registered for a demo account and got $10k demo account for practice.

i took my new benz to my former workplace


Then after a few days, the guy came again to was his car, by then we have become friendly to each other and i begged him to teach me how to trade. He brought out his laptop and showed me this simple trick i am about to share with you now. Please adhere to this simple strategy i am about to share with you now, if you want to make huge money trading online.


First, open a free account with Olymp trade here. You will get a free $10k demo account for practice.

Note: Before you put your own money, practice with the demo account, use my strategy below and master it .



The strategy is known as up and down approach.

  1. First, you need to pick a currency pair: EUR / USD works well here.
  2. Get ready for your first trade: set a time of 1 minute and an amount of $1.
  3. Now start trading. You have to forecast whether the exchange rate will go UP or DOWN within a minute after you opened the trade.
  4. With this strategy, you can make any forecast when you start. It doesn’t matter whether you choose UP or DOWN..
  5. Let’s say you pick UP. Remember that it doesn’t matter what you pick. The strategy works 100% in any case.
  6. If in reality the chart goes up, as you predicted, you’ll get $1.92 back in your account (instead of your initial one dollar!). Now you have to make your next trade, but this time you should choose the opposite value: DOWN (the amount and time don’t change; keep them at $1 and 1 minute).
  7. So let’s say the chart goes the other way and your trade isn’t successful. That means you need to raise the next trade to $3 and change the direction of the chart again (i.e. If your last choice was DOWN, now you have to choose UP);
  8. The chart once again doesn’t go the way you wanted, and you lose this trade too. This is nothing to worry about (remember, with this strategy you always make back your losses!). In order to recoup your losses and make a profit now, you have to increase the trade to $8 (don’t change the time of the trade). Then choose DOWN (as we chose UP the last time).
  9. Great! That time you chose the right direction and got $15.36 (you made up for your losses and earned more money!). Now go back to trading at $1 and start over again. This time you have to choose UP. That’s why it’s called the “up-down” strategy.


Always change the direction (UP, DOWN, UP, DOWN), regardless of whether your bet is successful or not. Your first trade should always be $1. If you lose, increase the amount to $3. If you lose again, change it to $8. If it happens again, raise it to $18 (personally, I’ve never had to do this despite the fact that I trade every day) As soon as a trade is successful, go back to the original amount of $1 and start over again.

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